Throughout the summer, we will be doing one service at 10:30. If the weather cooperates, we will meet outside. If weather is poor, we will meet inside. No need to RSVP at this point.

When we are outside, you may bring your own chairs/blankets, but we will also have chairs available. Regarding masks, the previous religious gatherings directive requires them for outdoor services, but the most recent mask directive does not require them if outside and keeping physical distancing. Thus, until further clarification, we encourage you to wear them for outside services, but won’t require it as long as distancing is kept. They are still required for indoor services.

For those curious, the Department of Labor and Industries has clarified that preachers and worship leaders may remove masks while leading, provided social distancing is kept.

Regarding Roots Kids’ ministry, our plan is to start up nursery for 0-23 months with phase 3. Older kids’ classes would resume sometime after that.

Hope to see you Sunday!