Women’s Ministry

THE MISSION of Roots Church LADIES is to be a community of WOMEN in the Stanwood-Camano area learning to root their lives deeply in the grace of God in Jesus Christ. 

We gather together corporately for worship services Sunday mornings at 10:30, and gather weekly to work through current Bible Studies. We love living life together and like to get together for informal times of fellowship and formal times of study.

Have a need or prayer request? Please reach out with any needs that you may have or for conversation and coffee.

Contact: Anlee Fekkes at women@rootschurchstanwood.com

Ladies, this year we are going to change things up for our Advent study. While we usually have 4-5 weeks of gathered study with crafts and food during the Advent season, this year I want to encourage you to spend time together in each other’s homes: maybe that’s a single woman welcomed into the fold of a large family and their Advent traditions or maybe it’s a smaller group of women beginning new traditions that stir the heart to be be expectant of  Christ’s coming again. Instead of being “out” of our normal routines and cultivating space on what is typically a busy time of year, I hope that we will all invite “in” others to our lives to prepare him room in the coming weeks. The idea behind this comes from Passover (Exodus 12) where household’s were instructed to take the meal together so that no one took the Passover meal alone. Let us be the same kind of people this Advent – people who long expectantly for our Savior’s return – not alone, but together in the intimate places of our homes. Invite your neighbors and encourage your friends to gather with you. If you are willing to host a small gathering in your home, please let me know your date and time and I’ll pass on to others. 

A group will meet at the Fekkes home Tuesday evenings, 6-8pm.
**If you are new to the church and it feels intimidating to enter into a new space like this, please email Anlee to help find a group to gather with. 

In smaller groups of women we’ll work through the Advent study OUR HOPE HAS COME. We’ll take a closer look at the Christmas story and the hope revealed in the lives of people in the Bible whose obedience and yeses to God’s plans, even in difficult times, gave them great joy and led to God’s glory in their lives and generations to come. As we explore the hope that Jesus brings, we’ll learn to trust God’s care for us as His beloved children in both times of abundance and times of lament.

The season of Advent has seriously been over-taken by the season of hustle-and-bustle. This invitation to join other women in this study during the marathon of Thanksgiving to Christmas is not meant to guilt you into doing one more thing…instead it’s an invitation to order your calendar for times of stillness, times of joy and times of worship together with the women of the church. Our hearts long for our Savior in a unique way during the holiday season. Le’t LONG for Him together!

Join us December 15, 6-8pm for Advent dinner together potluck style and a cookie exchange. While it’s not required to sign up for the potluck, it is helpful to know where we there are needs to fill in. Sign up here.