Women's Book Study | Broken Bread
God Cares More About How You Eat than What You Eat Christians should have their heads on straight about food—but too often our eating is complicated by burdens and rules, by diets and dependencies. So how can we keep a spiritually healthy view of what we eat? Should Christians stop eating white sugar? Does the Bible ask us to go paleo? Most questions about food aren’t really about nutrition but about how we understand God. In Broken Bread, Christian Book Award–winner Tilly Dillehay challenges us to abandon the concept of good and bad foods and instead offers a way to… celebrate food without obsession make healthy choices without bondage to rules feed our families without feeling frazzled find satisfaction without using food as an emotional crutch This isn’t another diet book. You won’t find any system or plan for eating but rather a joyful call to develop a vision of Christ that informs the way you eat. Take delight in food again, and discover a feast for today that whispers of the eternal feast to come. Please register for the study below. **Masks are required at attendance per state health mandates.